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Hello friend,

My name is Don. E. Austen. I am a Strategist, Technical Analyst and Tutor in the FOReign EXchange market (officially called the Global Interbank Currency Exchange Market).

Before I reveal THE MOST IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE BEHIND SUCCESSFUL FOREX TRADING, let me bring to your notice that I spent a lot of time and resources in my FOREX education, and I have become a full time online speculator and strategist in FOREX market. I have gathered about 11 different trading system packages sold online of which the cheapest is $47. I have also gathered 7 excellent free trading systems online (this is no joke, I really have them, and more also!). I attended FOREX trade courses, the last one I attended cost me $300. I did all these because I wanted qualitative trading knowledge.

But then, I have seen people lose money with these 'world class' systems, because they don't know the right approach to trading. Most of those who sell trading systems are not FOREX STRATEGISTS; they are FOREX marketers and CHARTISTS. They just give you the system rules, they don't know that there are certain existing protocols you must follow so as make trading business-like and comfortable. Having the best trading system does not make you rich, unless you know the principles of profitable trading and the right approach to trading. FOREX strategists are those who know the secrets and principles of successful trading, they can trade with ANY trading style/system profitably because they are specially trained, they are the advisers to the profitable traders, and this is where I come in.

Before I learnt THE PRINCIPLES BEHIND SUCCESSFUL FOREX TRADING, I had lost more than $4,000 in the market, and even when I eventually bought a very popular and good FOREX Trade system for $145, things did not get better. But when I came upon these PRINCIPLES, all that changed.

Unless you know these PRINCIPLES, YOU WILL FIND IT HARD TO PROSPER IN FOREX TRADING, it means that you have not yet known how to trade, this is an unbelievable fact. Having a very good trading system without knowing the PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESSFUL TRADING is like buying a very durable car without knowing how to DRIVE. Of course you might know that up to 90% of all individual traders are losers, and not more than 10% actually control the wealth of the market. The PRINCIPLES of successful trading is from that 10% group. So listen to THE MOST IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE BEHIND SUCCESSFUL FOREX TRADING:

Overcoming the 'most difficult part in trading' is very essential and this differentiates 'winners' from 'losers'. The 'most difficult part in trading' is: keenly following the rules of the trading system you chose to use. FOREX Trading is the most is one of the most risky businesses on earth, but when you have the right mindset to trade, FOREX business will be like the perfect job you dreamt of. Is FOREX a job? Yes, it is the most difficult job. When it becomes easier is when you trade after putting away ALL emotions including Joy and Happiness. Listen to BabyPips.com School of Pipsology: "The problem is that traders lack the discipline to follow the rules that go along with the system...what is difficult is following the rules..."

Now, what is the goal of your trading system? Listen to BabyPips.com: "I know you are saying, 'DUH, the goal of my trading system is to make a billion Dollars!' While this is a wonderful goal, it is not exactly the kind of goal that will make you a successful trader." Listen again: "when [choosing] a trading system, you want to achieve 2 very important goals; (1) Your system should be able to identify trends as early as possible, (2) Your system should be able to avoid you from whipsaws or fake trends. If you can accomplish those 2 things with your system, we guarantee that you will be SUCCESSFUL. The hard part about those 2 goals is that they contradict each other. If you are able to catch trends early, then you may be faked out many times. And if you are able to avoid whipsaws, then you may be late on trades and will miss out on good trades. So your task is to reconcile the two". And where can you find a system that can NEARLY reconcile these two? I said NEARLY because there is NO system that can completely reconcile the two!

OK, that is THE MOST IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE BEHIND SUCCESSFUL FOREX TRADING which I told you of. It is the active principle behind all successful trading operations. IT IS THE ACTIVE PRINCIPLE BEHIND THE SUCCESS OF GREAT TRADERS. It is responsible for the success of those who are enjoying the wealth of FOREX Trade. As you have read, you need to STICK to the rules of a trading system (fundamental or technical analysis) that is able to detect price trends early while avoiding you from fake outs, however considerably.

The profitability of any trading system depends on the trader's approach to trading. Now, what do you think is the best trading approach? It must be the one used by the successful traders. The best trading approach as a matter of fact is not complex at all, in fact I prefer to call it FOREX TRADE TRADITION because it was the original approach to trading used by the great traders, it was the original tradition (so to speak) of trading, but ironically, 90% of traders do not care about it, they are only crazy about new trading systems and how to siphon hot cash from the market with so called 'high grade' trading tools. Successful trading is not like that; trading is a business that requires a lot of patience and discipline to follow the original tradition as laid down by the great traders instead of chasing the wind by looking for the so-called 'perfect' or HOLY-GRAIL trading system.

Do you want to start trading? Are you unprofitable in your trading? Are you tired of FOREX trading system scams? Do you need the trading approach that will make you enjoy a successful trading career? Then, I will advise you to get a copy of our FOREX TRADE TRADITION package, and start with it. The package contains all the ideas and principles you need to know about successful trading and how to trade like the profitable traders, how to start small and progressively become a wealthy trader - the 'narrow way' that leads to successful trading career. It also contains a simple but ideal, elegant and robust trading system that will make you profitable if you put those ideas into play. This trading system is the TREND MASTER system. Let me describe it a bit:

The TREND MASTER is a simple trading tool that simplifies the trader's analyses. It is not another new crazy tool that will be pumping cash from the market to you; it is just a simple but profitable tool. In fact you shouldn't be scared of anything that is simple: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. You don't need a BSc in Economics to trade FOREX! According to strategists, the most profitable trading system is the simplest trading system used by a profitable trader; the profitability of a trading system depends on the trader, not on the system; it depends on how much the trader knows about the principles of successful trading and the right approach to trade. Mind you, Forex trading is not for the illiterates or novices who are looking for a do-this-and-make-money system. It is for those who are interested in getting trained to invest in the world's largest market. The most profitable trading system is not necessarily the most complex one. The beauty of the TREND MASTER system is that it is able combine the 2 goals of a trading system to a reasonable extent. It is able to catch trends on time, to a large extent, and avoid fake trends and whipsaws by ignoring minor price retracements. It can be used effectively on all liquid major pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, USDCAD and USDJPY, especially all major liquid YEN pairs: GBPJPY, CHFJPY, EURJPY and AUDJPY, because they are the most trend obedient.

You can truly earn AT LEAST 500 pips (net pips) in a month with this trading package, slow-and-steady, without hassles and you will come to love trading. This 500 pips minimum is about $500 on a mini-Lot contract, simple, no stress, no gambling: just follow the principles and the rules. Some FOREX traders can make more than that in a month if you care to know, but how comfortable and consistent? The key to trading is consistency. With this system, you can achieve more than that if you are really serious with your trading.

Do not listen to those 'forex wizards' who promise you up to 1,000% (of your margin) per month or 100 pips per day or 3,000 pips per month; while that profit MAY BE attainable, it should not be your prime target else you will lose out in no time. And do you know? You are supposed to trade on FOREX for a life time: it should be a life time business.

The TREND MASTER itself is worth $80 but the trading ideas and protocols that go along with it are collectively worth thousands of Dollars. If you use this trading package and you are still unprofitable, then you are not destined to be a FOREX trader. My concern is to help you become a profitable trader if actually you are destined to be a trader. The FOREX TRADE TRADITION package itself is a sort of FOREX trade training school, and I will advise you to get it if you are trading but still not profitable, or if you are not yet a trader but would like to be a profitable one. But know that qualitative ideas are not always cheap; every qualitative idea is worth more than its price. Spending money and other resources on developing your trading career is part of the price you have to pay to become a successful trader.

If you want a copy of the FOREX TRADE TRADITION which would cost you only N3,000;
Text "Forex Trade Tradition" to 07018556399, and you will receive a text concerning the payment details.

After payment, text your name and e-mail address along with your deposit slip number (teller number) to 07018556399. Within 12 hours you will receive the FOREX TRADE TRADITION package in your e-mail inbox containing the TREND MASTER trade system manual and the system Template. You will also get:
(1) Detailed trade manual of the system on how to track all major moves of the market and trade them. This trade manual is where you will find the Practical Demonstration of the profitable traders' approach to successful trading. Without this, you will not get the most out of the system.
(2) My concise write-up on FOREX trade psychology and FOREX doctrine (does FOREX have a doctrine?) to prepare and train your mind for the FOREX business (FOREX trade is not for the wayward mind). This is what will make you are great and successful trader.
(3) Other PDF e-books on FOREX psychology, money and wealth building in FOREX trading, some beginner FOREX e-books, and good trading textbooks that you can use to train others, broaden your knowledge or keep in your archive (12 specially selected eBooks).

Information leads to transformation, but whether you really need a copy of our FOREX TRADE TRADITION or not, it is entirely your decision. I personally challenge you to go out there and try whatever you can do to build wealth in FOREX trade, if you succeed: good luck, but IF you fail, come back and try our FOREX TRADE TRADITION package. My concern is not to make money off you, but to show you how to be a successful trader, because I am a successful trader, although selling this idea to you is my own share of information marketing goodies. This is just my own way of passing around the truth about profitable FOREX trading.


Don. E. Austen
(FOREX Strategist, Technical Analyst and Tutor

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